We Make the Difference in
(Refrigerated goods) Transport Delivery

Fast Delivery
Smart Service
Safe Mobility

Who are we

We are a Saudi Company specialized in specific delivery, that relies on the latest smart techniques in managing and operating its services

What we do?

In COLDT we work on providing developed services in refrigerated transport that is suitable for the market needs through taking extreme care of all details, that we aim through it to create a new level of speed and quality in logistics world.

How do we work

Cooled products are well known of its highly sensitivity when it comes to transporting or storing, especially in such an unstable weather conditions that are very common in Arabian Gulf countries. Therefore, COLDT Is here to provide quantum solutions in refrigerated transport that relies on:

Latest Refrigerating Technologies

Our fleet is occupied with the latest European refrigerating equipment that changes cool temperature to freezing temperature in 30 minutes also with the latest insolation systems that protects quality and keeps the safety of transported goods

Secured Transporting Vehicles

All vehicles drivers are well trained and aware of safety conditions. Also there are tacking devices & sensors are installed in our vehicles to enable our operational team to track all cases and situations which guarantees safety to all transported goods

Universal Tracking Systems

Tracking systems that offer various reports about the delivery operations and the car’s situation as well as the driver’s performance which will play a part in helping the operations team develop & enhance services to further benefit our clients

Trained Work-force

Training programs have been developed for all employees to ensure the quality of the provided services


Because we follow a system of “Total Quality” across all our services upon a planned strategy and professional programs that comply with the universal standards and specifications through “Doing the right task the right way from the first time and every time” by observing the following:

Our partners

Working with strategic partners COLDT is proud to make new stories every day and continues success